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Court Research/Court Filings

Due to the number of changes in the California court system during recent years, it is imperative that an attorney service stay current with revisions in court hours, procedures, filing fees, and the technology that facilitates the completion of these tasks for the legal industry. Exclusive Attorney Service !stays abreast of these changes in the field and aware of changes/new information.

Court Run Features

- Knowledgeable courteous, and professionally attired court runners
- Capability to advance fees and bills to client invoice
- Ability to index cases at court, and complete copy requests
- Will communicate directly with law firm to resolve problems at the courts or in the field
- Fax filing capability (call for specifics regarding court jurisdiction and time deadlines)
- Document, transcript, and/or form retrieval services available
- State and Nationwide service

Exclusive Attorney Service !Attorney Service is committed to providing excellence in service service to the legal community while maintaining a professional and friendly relationship with the clerks and support staff at court branch offices.

Fax Filings

The changes in the local rules now allow for fax filings in most branches of the California court system.

With the advent of this new technology tool also comes a new responsibility for the fax filing agency or attorney service. Exclusive Attorney Service understand these needs and provides the following features:

- Appropriate number of original, conformed, and courtesy copies are delivered to the appropriate destinations
- Fees advanced when necessary
- Confirmation calls upon completion
- Confirmation fax (caption page) upon completion
- Return of conformed copy by court route, mail, or overnight delivery

Please contact our office for technical assistance regarding fax filings prior to faxing documents for filing, to guarantee quality control and high level of service.

** Please Note: Additional charges may apply for copies, administrative costs to format pleadings, and associated actual costs. Our service is customized for each individual situation and need.

Service of Process

Exclusive Attorney Service is fully staffed with registered, professional, and experienced process servers who are capable of handling any type of service of process. Our process service department provides you with immediate information on the status of your service along with an executed proof-of-service within 24 hours once your documents are served.

- Capable of handling the most complex or difficult service
- Statewide and national service
- Ability to serve all documents within provided deadline
- Skip tracing
- Stakeout (additional charge)

Please contact our process service department if you have any further questions regarding our service.

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